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Personal Blog: What to do now???

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Sometimes the universe definitely starts guiding you in a different direction which can devastate any best laid plans.

I was so excited and so looking forward to ordering the VW van that I fell in love with at the Caravan and Camping show. The van and everything that came standard with it was perfect for me. I had made up my mind. I was getting that van.

The first time you were able to order the van was in July of this year, 2022. Unfortunately, July 2022 was way too early for me because the earliest I can retire and get my super is when I turn 60 at the end of April 2023. Initially the salesman at our local VW dealership was very keen, however when he found out I would not be ordering in the first round, that I wanted to view the vehicle and that I was asking a lot of questions, he really lost interest in giving me proper detailed information. No answering when I could order and being able to view the vehicle, he kept delaying in a 2 line non informative email. In fact, I honestly thought he did not want my business and I was thinking of contacting the other closest dealership 45min away. I had not heard anything for a month so I contacted him again, only to find out he was on leave and would not be back until next week.

Shattered dreams

Out of the blue, another salesman from the same dealership contacted me and updated me and gave me clarity of the situation. I received more information in 2 hours and 3 mails from this other salesman that I had from the original salesman in 3 months!

It seems that,

  1. in the next round of orders dealerships are restricted to 2/3 orders per dealership.

  2. Yes, I can come in at any time and pay a holding deposit.

  3. A new (Ordered Paid for) Van will be in available to view in December.

  4. The dealerships have just been notified that VW are changing the prices of all their Commercial vehicles (including the camper vans).

  5. VW will be releasing new prices in December, with the expectancy that the prices will go up.

  6. Any holding deposit would be just to hold a spot t order and would depend on the new price release in December.

When I first saw the demo model, we were told the price for all the bells and whistles would be late $150,000's. When I first spoke to the salesman, I was quoted $163,000 for the basic white model. Both prices were way above what I had planned to spend, but the Van was perfect... so I will be willing to make sacrifices... but now they are going to raise the price again! I cannot go any higher. So, my dream has been shattered. I will still go up and talk to them next week, to make sure that the deposit will be refundable.

What to do now?

I was already struggling with illness (dreaded viruses) and anxiety and to add to it I was unable to finish my travel vlogs and blogs by the end of the month. Today I have felt deflated and defeated that my dream is being torn up and out of my reach. I feel so down like the stuffing has been knocked right out of me!

All my plans were being destroyed right in front of me. I feel so overwhelmed, sad, and destroyed. Like an asteroid heading to the sun.... I do not know which way to go...

What I do know is that I cannot let these feelings overtake my mind, body and soul. I will end up with a headache and the headaches from this virus have only just stopped! I need to stop worrying about things I cannot control. I need to stop thinking about it tonight, focus on something else, clear the mind.

Writing this blog and writing in my journal also helps. Calming essential oils also help. A nice movie, nothing to do with travel will also help.

The following day

Yesterday was a tough day...

I need to pick myself up and get re focused and start making plan B, C, and D. You may be thinking why does she need to plan... let the universe take her in the right direction? I am a firm believer that the universe guides us throughout our life however, I do like a bit of structure too, I am a planner, I get it from my dad, I gain mental strength from having a plan. Usually, my plans are not so fixed as the plan for getting the van, bendable, moveable plans are usually how I plan. Have a plan but have options as well. The Van was different, I had fallen in love with the Van, and I had my eyes only focused on the one direction. I did not even contemplate that I would not be able to order the van.

Messages from the universe

For a while now, the sneaky element of doubt was creeping in, and I was doing everything to stop the negative thoughts. It all started when you read reviews in regarding servicing on the vehicles. It seems that VW Australia hasn't got the best reputation for customer service and support. Then a FB post of a solo female traveller, could not find anyone in Victoria that would touch or fix the 4 Motion gear box. Both were red flags and then to add the messages from the universe? Instead of listening, I started watching YouTube videos of people in UK and Australia that are living/Travelling in VW vans! Trying to convince that inner voice that I will be fine driving alone all over Australia. Now with the plans of the van changing it just adds to those seeds of doubt... should I have been listening, should I have been making plan, B, C and D months ago. I had my heart set on the van.

I am going to take a few days or a few weeks to process what I need to do. I will go up to VW and talk to them and see what sort of vibe/inner sense I get from going there. I do not want to hand over any money if I get a bad feeling when I am there. I have always been a person who instincts about a person, place or thing have been correct. I need to listen to those instincts, that inner sense or feeling and the flashing light boards of messages from the universe. With my Superannuation going backwards and not meeting my planned dollar amounts, I need to get a new book and start fresh with a new retirement plan.

Do I still want to retire next year... Yes definitely, it is not healthy for me to continue working... but I need to look at the whole process again, crunch the numbers again, do I sell my house or rent it? Camper Van or Motorhome? I have learnt a lot over the last year of planning... I already know that I will still need to work or earn some sort of income after I retire, which is sad, but a necessity, retiring early and my super decreasing instead of increasing has made the need to still earn an income inevitable. I need to again re look at what I really want from the vehicle and my future, but the main question... how much I will have to spend on the vehicle and how much will I have to live.

The plan to retire and live full time on the road, has not and will not change. The 'pull' to hit the road and travel full time around this beautiful country of ours is huge and does not waver. I just need to go back and work out how.

Thank you 🙏

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