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Whynnie Update!

Whynnie Update

Well so much has happened in the last few weeks. I have finally retired. The strangest thing happened... as soon as I handed in my 'Cease of Employment' form I had a phone call from Gary at Kratzmann Caravans to say there was an opportunity for my order to bump up the list! Of course I said yes... I would of been silly to say no. The opportunity was instead of waiting until September, the van would be built in July and delivery would be August. Even though the timeline would be very tight in regards to my super, I had faith that it would all work out.

The last week of school was very emotional, I was leaving a job that I had fought so hard to achieve and leaving a wonderful class and wonderful parents. What was I thinking! But I also knew I was making the right decision for my health. I tried to stay focus on the fact I would be getting Whynnie a month after I retired in August and I purposely made my retirement day at the end of the school holidays, so mentally my last day of teaching was not my last day of employment.

Whynnie Update! Arrived Early

Anyway...The day before I officially retired I had another phone call from Kratzmann's. Not only was Whynnie built but she was sitting in their yard ready for pick up! What the!!!! I hadn't officially retired yet! I hadn't even applied for my super yet! I explained that I couldn't pick her up for a few weeks so Gary slotted me in for the 28th July. I received the official notification from Kratzmann re the van and that I needed to now insure her. I asked if i could get some photos of Whynnie. Sam warned me that she had not been cleaned yet. Here are the official first photos of Whynnie.


The following day, my official retirement day 7the July, was also a babysitting day. I had a phone call from my son and told him the situation and that I couldn't apply for my super until 3pm when I was officially retired. Kev suggested that I call Q Super to inquire when I could apply. I spoke to a very nice young man called Col, who said if I had a computer he would walk me through the process. So by 10.30 am I had made my application for withdrawal and submitted it. Up to 7 days to process, a couple of days to appear in the bank... that was what I was told.


So more on the Whynnie update! Tuesday I needed to get insurance for Whynnie, that was an interesting experience... She had been sitting in their yard now for almost a week. Did you know that they will not insure a Motorhome unless there is an engine immobiliser, GPS Tracking or an alarm installed? I didn't. Unitil I tried to insure the van! I had to frantically contact Kratzmann to be able to answer that question... Luckily, Gary was on the ball and replied quickly with the Whynnie has an immobiliser! So, with the insurance paid and belief that all was going well, I changed the date of collection to Monday 24th so Kevin could come with me to pick up the van.

Help! Superannuation Ahhhhhh!

Thursday 13th, email from Qsuper, please contact us as they needed more information before they could process the request. I phoned them immediately. Rectified the issue. Because, the super amounts change and I nominated to leave the minimal amount in the account, I needed to give permission for them to alter the amount I requested. The lovely lady I spoke to said my request was in the final stages so expect to hear that it has been processed on Friday or at the latest Monday. That would be great! 1-2 days for money to appear in account, that still leaves me a couple of days to get the bank cheque.

Blackboard with My Super written on it and 4 $100 bills
It's my Super!

Here we are Tuesday 18th July ... 8 days and 3 phone calls later and still my request is still not processed. Tomorrow will be 9 days. I was first told, up to 7 working days... It was going to be a close call re getting a bank cheque but it could work. I called today, to be told my request was high priority and it was being processed today, so I should be notified this afternoon or tomorrow morning... Money appearing in my account 24-48 hours later. Now, my stress levels are elevated, not sleeping, I am running desperately out of time.

Stay tuned for the next update!

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