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1# Travel with Pets: Gatton and the surrounding places, Lockyer Valley, Queensland

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

When travelling around Australia it is always handy to know the best places for our fur babies. This Travel with Pets guide is written to compliment the Travel Blog - Let's Go! Gatton & the surrounding areas and to support anyone looking for pet friendly places in the area. The Lockyer Valley is a very large area and has so many places that could not be fully covered in one blog. In my blogs I will be breaking up the Lockyer Valley Region into useable focus areas and therefore this guide does not cover all places in the Lockyer Valley. Look out for future blogs where I will focus on other areas of the Lockyer Valley Region.


I will use Gatton as my central point for many explanations. Gatton, Queensland, Australia is the largest town between Ipswich and Toowoomba with a population of around 8000. Gatton is located approximately 1 hour west of Brisbane and 30 minutes east of Toowoomba. Grantham is 10 minutes west of Gatton and Helidon is 20 minutes west of Gatton. Lake Clarendon is 10 minutes east of Gatton.


Be prepared for yourselves and your fur babies! The variation climate in the Gatton area is extreme, which is quite hard to get used to. So, pack your thermals and diesel heater and your pets winter jackets and favourite blankets, for those freezing winter night. In the summer time, make sure your pets have plenty of water, a shady place to sit and relax, maybe a cooling mat and cool air conditioning for those sizzling hot summer days! From freezing to overheating...Going from one of the coldest places, the eastern side of the Great Diving Range in Queensland in the winter, to one of the hottest in the summer. Temperatures can range from below zero to the mid 40's.

Pet Perfect Preparation

When travelling with your pets it is important for them and you to be happy and safe. Ensure that your pet's information is up to date and your pets are micro chipped and dogs are registered.

Bring with you your pets favourite food and snacks plus water for them to drink. It is safer when travelling to give your pets the water their bodies are used to, this will avoid tummy upsets by changing waters.

When travelling or visiting a motel, bring your pets own bedding and toys as this is familiar to your pets and it will avoid transition anxiety.

Ensure you pets have collars, harnesses, leads, extension leads, and you have a good supply of poo bags. If your pet poos's, it is your responsibility to clean up after them, especially in natural environments and off leash areas.

Never leave your pet alone in a caravan or camper van while you explore, especially in the summer as it gets very hot in summer and very cold in the winter in the Lockyer Valley.

Talking about hot and cold... if you are hot... so is your pet. If you are cold, so is your pet. Ensure that your pet has sufficient cooling in the summer to stay cool and hydrated and heating in the winter, especially at night, to keep warm.

Pet friendly accommodation

Check when booking

Room Motels - Opposite Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre

Phone: 07 5462 1111

Cnr Lake Apex Drive and Railway Street,



Pet Friendly rooms available

Free Camping

William Kemp RV Park, East Street, Gatton

James Norman Hedges Park, Warrego Highway, Helidon Spa

Lake Clarendon Rest Area, Main Green Swamp Road, Lake Clarendon

On lead parks

Lake Apex Park, Lake Apex Drive, Gatton.

Beautiful waterfront park, with large expanses of grassed areas and shady trees. Follow the paved pathway and take a walk around the lake with your dog. Just be aware the lake is a bird sanctuary and there are snakes in the area. Toilets, Outdoor Gym, BBQ, Covered Seating, Playgrounds, Skate Park, Dog Off Leash fenced area, Lights on the Hill Memorial, Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre. Car parks, Parking for larger vehicles.

Fred Gillam Park, Hennessy Street, Gatton

Large open lawns and trees for shade. Unfenced. Playground.

Littleton Park, Cnr Old College Road and Park Lane, Gatton

Large open lawns and trees for shade. Memorial Park & gardens. Unfenced. semi fenced play area, seating, BBQ. Toilets. Close to Bowls club.

William Kemp Park, East Street, Gatton

Open grassed are with lots of shady trees. Unfenced park, next to the Free Camping RV Park. BBQ, Covered seating, No Toilets. Walking distance to shops.

McGovern Park, Plant Street, Helidon

Small, unfenced park close opposite school road. Some grassed area and trees. Toilets, BBQ, Covered seating, Playground.

For more information click on the link below and click the Lockyer Valley Parks and Reserve Fact Sheet, for extensive details of the parks and the facilities in the Lockyer Valley Region.

Off leash parks

Lake Apex, Dog Off Leash Area, Western Drive, Gatton

Pet friendly cafes

Check with business first

Cafe 63

Phone: 1300 636 300

29 William Street, Gatton Square, Gatton (Next to McDonalds)

Hours: 5.30am - 9pm 7 days a week.

This cafe is across the road from where I work at the moment. Outside they have pet friendly tables.

Tins & Trays Outdoors

Phone: 0407 090 635

97, Railway Street,


Hours: Tues- Sun 6am -3pm. Closed Monday

Pets allowed outside eating area only

The Floating Cafe

Phone: 07 5466 1234

2 Harris Street,


Hours: Mon, Wed - Fri 7am - 3.30pm, Sat & Sun 7.30am - 3.30pm. Closed Tuesday

Pets allowed outside on patio

Pet Groomers

Foxy Dogs Pet Grooming

Phone: 0457 802 530

7 Railway Street

Gatton, QLD 4343

Hours: Tues - Fri 9am - 4pm, Sat 9am - 1pm Closed Sunday & Monday


Gatton Vet Service

Phone: 07 5462 1343

77 Railway Street, Gatton

Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Closed Sat & Sun

UQ Veterinary Service - Small Animal Hospital

Phone: 07 5460 1788

Building 8156, The University of Queensland

Main Drive & Outer Ring Road, Gatton

Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Things to know...


Be aware that snakes are common in this area. So for your dog’s safety please keep on a lead. Lake Apex Park is renowned for having snakes along the walking track around the lake. Lockyer Valley Regional Council have signs warning about the snakes in the park. Last weekend at lake Clarendon rest stop, one of the campers lifted her kayak only to find a baby snake curled up underneath.

Visitor information

Lockyer Valley Information Centre.

34 Lake Apex Drive, Gatton, Queensland, Australia

Phone: 07 5466 3425


Lockyer Valley Visitors guide


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