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Safety is a priority 1#

Updated: Apr 1

Have you ever travelled to a place and you just get that 'feeling', an instinct, a gut feeling that it is just not right? Always trust that feeling... Safety is a priority, sometimes it may mean that you have to change your plans, maybe it means that you do not go to your next destination or maybe just not on the day... maybe you stay where you are, if you can... somewhere you feel safe.

Trust your intuition & stay safe
Stay Safe

Your years I planned my future as a full time traveller. The dream of the intimate life of freedom! In 2023 I put that plan in action... and so many things went wrong... but I truely believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe now... that I needed that time to prepare.

I was supposed to be meeting a meetup group for a 3 night stay over New Year's Eve. The plan was to leave on Friday 29th, spend 3 nights with the group... (I actually did not know anyone). The Friday I was due to leave... my body said no. It shut me down. (Fibromyalgia flare up). Still aching, Saturday morning I left early and worked my way to my destination stopping off at some Free Camp sites and day areas on the way... even though I was a day late, check in was after 11am.

Google maps...

Even though I had never been to this area before, I had looked it up online, Apple Maps, Google Maps and even on my trusty map in my huge Free and budget campsites book. I logged the destination into Google maps and it took me a completely different way. Up hill and down dale. All through the countryside. Beautiful scenery. I finally arrived at the sign for the destination and drove past! Well duh!

The destination

As soon I pulled into the 'driveway' I felt uncomfortable. I knew it was a working farm, the road in was ok. The office looked like it was in the middle of a construction site. It is hard to explain... ( see vlog). When I walked into the office, the guy was very pleasant. I got instructions and a map to locate where the group was camping. Roads were narrow and in some sections were more like a 4wd road but I went slowly and the van managed it quite well. In a few places where they were waters crops the road was quite boggy. The twists and turns and ups and downs seemed to go on for a long time. It didn't help the area the group was camped at was the furthest distance away from the office.


All day I had been dogging the storms. When I finally arrived at the campsite it was a small area. At one end there was a few caravans with gazebos that were taking up prime positions. These caravans had tables outside with enough booze to fill a pub. Everyone else was packed on like sardines down the other end. I slowly drove through looking for a spot for my van. I noticed quite a few people were packing up and going. I decided to do another lap. As I was entering the campsite again, a 4wd with teenagers hanging off the outside and yahooing, came hurtling around the corner! On their way to who knows where.

I drive into the campsite again and this time I stopped to quickly chat with 2 women packing up. They told me that most people were packing up and leaving because of the storms, some were heading into Stanthorpe.

Decision made

I could of stayed, I could of waited for the others to leave to grab a spot... but I didn't feel safe. Was it the yahooing teenagers or the booze and the thoughtlessness of those campers, or finding out everyone leaving or the storms making those roads/tracks impassable for my my van or all of the above... but right there and then I made the decision to leave. I drove back into Stanthorpe and booked myself and the girls a nice site at the show grounds.

Trust your Intuition, Your Safety is a Priority.

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