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Campsite Review: Seib Street Kilcoy - Free Campsite

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Seib Street Free Camp in Kilcoy, Queensland is a beautiful Free Campsite Area only minutes from the main street shops, parks and pubs. Being behind the main CBD of Kilcoy, this free campsite is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. With beautiful views of rolling hill and situated away from major roads, the serenity and tranquility provides a relaxing place to stay. If you would like a quiet camping spot for an overnight stay this site would be perfect for you.

Bottle Tree Lake Clarendon
Seib Street Kilcoy

Location: Seib Street Free Camp, Kilcoy Queensland

Map of Kilcoy showing Seib Street Free Campsite
Seib Street Campsite Map

Directions: Travelling along the D'Aguilar Highway, Kilcoy. Just after the bridge turn left onto Seib Street. Follow Seib Street past the park and continue along the road.

Kilcoy is surrounded by rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges with close to Lake Somerset. Only an hour from Brisbane, Kilcoy's country charm, with enchanting shops, landscaped parks and friendly residents is the place to visit to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Seib Street Free Camp Area is a 20 hour stop over for self contained vehicles only, no tents allowed and is located near to Yowie Park in Kilcoy. This is a free campground. It is dog friendly. It is accessible to RVs, caravans and big rigs. This site is for over night stays only (20 hours). You must be fully self-contained. When staying at the rest areas, please be respectful of the community and other travellers by minimising noise and cleaning up after yourself before you leave. Leave No Trace.

My Free Campsite Review:

Your First Impressions

When I first arrived at the campsite it was dark. I had moved after stopping at Cruice Park and not feeling safe to stay there overnight. After a quick check on WikiCamps, Kilcoy was a few Kilometres down the road so I kept going. When I arrived there was only a few people parked there but I felt safer.

How Have You Tested

When I woke up the next morning after having a restful and quiet nights sleep I opened the door of the van to ducks making their way from the creek. It was so quiet. It was so relaxing. I stayed for a few hours. I vlogged the area (see below) and chilled out. The whole time I was there I felt very safe. Seib Street Free Camp is now one of my 'safe' free camping areas. A place I feel, as a solo female traveller, to be safe to stay overnight.



​Quiet Close to town, walking distance to shops. Bird life Away from major roads

Must be fully self contained Non potable water No Toilets

Would I stay there again? YES! I most certainly will.


3 star rating
3 star rating

Limited facilities

Seib Street Kilcoy, Queensland

If you would like to leave a comment below with any suggestions of Free or Budget Campsites for review, that would be amazing and I will be sure to check them out on my travels.

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