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Campsite Review- Inglewood RV Stop, Queensland

Updated: Apr 13

The Inglewood RV Stop sits right on the Cunningham Highway upon entering Inglewood, offering an open space for self-contained campers. The amenities are limited, with only bins provided. However, it's essential to note that this campsite is situated in a flood-prone area. Just across the road lies the Free Rest Area, designated for day use only. This picturesque park features playgrounds, BBQ facilities, shaded areas, a dump point, and a water dispenser for visitors' convenience.

Campervan parked at RV Stop
Inglewood RV Stop

Location: Alice Street, Inglewood Queensland

Lat -28.411544

Lng -151.085837

Directions: Travelling along the Cunningham Highway heading west, go over the Macintyre Brook Bridge and immediately turn right onto Alice Street then right again for the Free Campsite.

Facilities: Travellers can stay at the RV campsite for up to 3 days. If you utilise both rest areas during your stay, there is Toilets, covered seating areas, a bbq, bins, playground, water and dump point. The RV Campsite is pet friendly. Self contained vehicles only.

Campsite Review: The campsite occupied a narrow space, nestled on sloping terrain leading down to a dry river bed. Dense foliage of trees and bushes encircled the area, offering limited shade from a few trees positioned on higher ground. As night fell, the site gradually became more crowded.

I decided to test out this site during my road trip from the Lockyer Valley through the Darling and Western Downs regions. Opting for free camping whenever feasible, I chose to stay here. However, frequent storms during my visit prompted me to relocate several times to steer clear of the towering gum trees. As night fell, a multitude of bats descended, bringing with them a cacophony of noise and a pungent odor. The overwhelming smell lingered into the following morning, prompting us to swiftly pack up and depart at dawn.

Pros: It is Free

Cons: Snakes, Bats, Flood area, Noise, Smell, Close to road.

Would I stay there again?  No. A definitely not.


4 Golden Stars in a row

For more information:

Phone: 07 4652 0270

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