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Gunnedah - Redbank Rest Area

Red Bank Rest Area, Oxley Highway, Carroll NSW, Australia


Property Description

Redbank Rest Area

While the campsite initially appeared lovely, boasting convenient toilet facilities, my experience was unfortunately marred by a group of unruly youths. After just one night at the site, I made the decision to relocate due to their disruptive behavior. These youths seemed to take pleasure in driving around the campsite, stopping frequently and staring at campers. Their presence created an unsettling atmosphere, leaving me feeling uncomfortable and unable to fully relax in the natural surroundings. It's a shame that such behavior can detract from an otherwise pleasant camping experience. Safety and peace of mind are paramount when seeking solace in nature, and the actions of these individuals served as a stark reminder of the importance of respectful coexistence in shared spaces.

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Red Bank Rest Area, Oxley Highway, Carroll NSW, Australia

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